On this date 87 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi began his historic Salt March to the sea, a protest against British salt taxes in India. The crowd of marchers grew as Gandhi walked for 24 days — 241-miles (390 km) — to the beach at Dandi where he produced salt without paying the tax, sparking similar acts nationwide. World media coverage (watch newsreel footage below) helped to change attitudes towards Indian independence and inspire a nationwide Civil Disobedience Movement. WATCH… (1930)

After making the salt at Dandi, Gandhi, 61, continued southward along the coast, producing more salt and addressing meetings along the way. He was arrested in May — one of more than 80,000 Indians to be jailed as a result of the Salt Satyagraha (“insistence on truth”) over the next year. Watch the the video below:

MORE Good News on this Date:

  • Andrew Watson debuted as the world’s first black international football player and captain (1881)
  • The Girl Scouts was founded in the U.S., as “Girl Guides” (1912)
  • The first Fireside Chat was broadcast on radio by President Franklin Roosevelt to calm Americans’ fears during The Depression (1933)
  • Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man premiered, played by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (1943)
  • The Church of England ordained first female priests (1994)
  • Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman, a union that would last 29 years until her death from cancer (1969)
  • The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland join NATO (1999)
  • The U.N. Security Council approved a U.S.-sponsored resolution endorsing a Palestinian state for the first time (2002)Kerouac by Tom Palumbo-CC


Jack Kérouac, the American novelist and poet considered the father of the Beat Generation (a term he invented) was born. Recognized for his spontaneous method of writing and his first novel, On The Road, he wrote about Catholic spirituality, jazz, promiscuity, Buddhism, drugs, poverty, and travel. (1922)


  1. On this day March 12, 1982 my first beautiful daughter, Erika was born.
    She was the joy of our life for 20 yrs. & we lost her in a tragic car
    accident in Feb. 2003. We were blessed to have her and miss her so
    much and still grieve for her. She would have been 25 today.
    Happy Birthday Erika! WE LOVE YOU!