book LikebooksEven with the popularity of digital media, people are still captivated by flipping through words and pictures in a tangible, physical book — especially when it’s personalized. School yearbooks, for instance, may never go out of style.

Enter Likebooks for the digital age. Apple for years has been offering a publishing service for making books and cards from user’s iPhoto libraries with captions. Now, Facebook users have the option of placing their social network activity into a book. The Likebook service allows users to create personalized, physical books based on status updates, pictures, and the comments from friends.

Likebooks can dig as far back as 2007 on a Facebook timeline to create books and currently offers deliveries to customers in US and Europe. Thousands of books have been sold so far.

The service is the brainchild of Nicolas Cazagou, who in 2010 wanted to give his wife a book retracing their love story on Facebook and realized that no website offered such a service. According to Cazagou, “we wanted a book that would tell our story—the one we write everyday, without knowing it—on our Facebook accounts.”

books LikebooksThe company asserts that Facebook users create what is the equivalent of 100 pages of content each year and this is an easy way to create a photo album or scrapbook complete with comments already written.

The books have been used to share the birth of a new child and also the death of a loved one. Corporations have given them as commemorative gifts sharing memories of special events chronicled on their company Facebook Page.

Likebooks range from 25 to 500 pages, can be ordered in paperback or hardback, and start at $12, with free shipping. See pricing and more details at their website,

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  1. I thought it was super cool. I made a hardcover book from Apple (referred to in the story) after a bunch of us went to England. It is such a keepsake.

    I was thinking maybe I should get a book of Good News Network Facebook posts of each year. That would be lovely.

    (Only question I had is what about those posts that get 500 comments. Surely they can choose to only print a few? Only a public page would have that issue, though.)

    3 people ordered it through my referral link today, so you are not alone. 🙂

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