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It's a big step forward for a controversial treatment. 'Molly' tablets often don't contain much MDMA, because they're packed with fillers. The purest way to get MDMA is in crystal form. Depositphotos Ecstasy doesn’t sound like something you do in a doctor’s office. But the Food and Drug Administration wants that to change. The FDA just…

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  1. Minimal side-effects? If it is so wonderful, why is it an illegal drug? My sister got into ecstasy from about age 18-22. Now, at 39, her memory is completely shot. And NOT in a good way, as this article seems to infer…. It has been a tremendous battle.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your sister, creative_companion. Sadly, this Popular Science article is poorly written, unrelated to MDMA going into level-3 clinical trials. The article is full of false information, including stating that Ecstasy or Molly are the same as MDMA. They are not. Ecstasy is an illegal street drug, which could be made of anything – not just fillers – which is sadly why illicit use has caused so much harm.

    The MDMA used in the clinical trials is pure, and given in therapy sessions under the guidance of medical professionals. What the article fails to detail is that PTSD sufferers are given ONLY 3 doses – combined with psychotherapy – over several months. That is all. There is no lifelong dependence on drugs, nor chronic use.

    This provides more details on the program, in which military service members participated.