Men have claimed for years that they’d take a birth control pill if they could.

Looks like it’s finally time to put that offer to the test – except, this is not a pill, it’s far better.

The medical research nonprofit Parsemus Foundation has developed a contraceptive called Vasalgel that is likely to receive the Food and Drug Administration’s seal of approval, if all goes according to plan. Human trials will begin soon, and it could hit the market by 2018-2020.

For these men, it will be easy: one injection would last for years, and there are no hormones involved. Parsemus, which is dedicated to developing low-cost solutions that are neglected by the pharmaceutical industry, says the procedure is similar to a no-scalpel vasectomy and is reversible.slovenia_clean-up.jpg It has already been used successfully in India.

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Since long-term birth control methods aren’t a big money-maker and pharmaceutical companies would rather sell pills to women every month, the Foundation is relying on donations from the public and other nonprofits to pay for development costs. You can donate on their website.

The only other options of birth control for U.S. men are the condom or a vasectomy. There are other male contraceptives being developed outside of the U.S., in both London and Indonesia. Read more about them here at Telegraph.UK.

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