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This new interactive art installation designed specifically for pooches has hounds howling with excitement.

The London, England exhibit features a whole host of pawesome creations – like an open car window simulator that blows air into dog’s faces; a play ball pit made to look like a giant dog food bowl; a magic water bowl fountain; and even paintings colored in a dog’s color spectrum.

Veterinarians were consulted over the mental and physical stimulation of every piece and – judging by the joyous romping, it became a huge success.

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The project known as #PlayMore was commissioned by insurance company More Than to encourage pet owners to exercise and play more with their canines.

Dominic Wilcox, the master artist behind the scheme, knows that hounds deserve to have their imaginations stimulated every once in a while.

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“I think that play is really important to a dog’s mental and physical health,” Wilcox said in a video about the exhibit. “And I really hope that the artwork gets a lot of dog tails wagging.”

Even though the installation was only open for the duration of last weekend, the innovative inventions will perhaps result in the creation of more puppy museums in the future.

(WATCH the video below)

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