whale baby rescue -Alaska SeaLife Center photoFor the first time in history, a live, stranded beluga whale calf has been found in U.S. waters and rescued. But saving the baby, estimated to be only two or three days old when rescued, is requiring the efforts of marine mammal experts from far and wide.

Marine mammal specialists have descended upon the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, to provide round-the-clock care, including feedings via stomach tube, while the baby learns how to suckle from a bottle.

The beluga’s condition is critical due to his immature immune system, but experts are optimistic about the calf’s recovery.

He is “swimming on his own, cooperating with feedings, and breathing regularly, which are all very positive signs,” said Dr. Carrie Goertz, staff veterinarian at the Alaska SeaLife Center in a press release.

(WATCH the video below and READ the AP story in HeraldNet.com)

Thanks to Joel Arellano for submitting the story!

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