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After 25 years of coaching football, you’d think Gregg Farnetti would have a lot of stand-out memories. But his proudest moment came in the final home game of his career, on an extra point kick — by the homecoming queen.

The coach’s life has been consumed with football; all his free time has gone into the team. With his older daughter, Jody, in her last year of high school, Farnetti decided to take a sabbatical to spend quality time with both daughters before they aged another year.

He never had sons to play on his football team, but Jody was able to give him a special moment he would never forget.

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So, in that final home game, after her dad escorted her onto the field at halftime where she was named homecoming queen, she traded her gown for pads and her crown for a helmet, and waited on the bench for a chance to enter the game.

Her extra point kick in the final seconds made no difference to the outcome, but it made all the difference in the world for Coach Farnetti, the man who always wanted a son to play football for him.

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“I wouldn’t trade anything for my girls,” he admitted to CBS’s Steve Hartman.

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