gerisgoodnews-sm.jpg HERE IS SOME EXCITING NEWS! … One of the Great Mentors featured in my tele-seminar series and eBook, David Neagle, who in chapter 3 of my new $1 eBook reveals the ‘Secrets of the Mind-Money Connection’, is offering to coach you for a whole day for free!…

And, he has a very special message for us. David had a brush with death that transformed him and now he wants to give us the same transformation.

Years ago he went out with some friends on a boat and accidentally fell overboard. He found himself unbelievably being sucked deep underwater by the blades inside an  enormous dam. No one expected him to come out in ONE  piece, much less survive. He not only survived;  he was transformed.

And get this – in only 12 months, and with one simple change to his thinking, he tripled his income!   Within the next two years the former high school  drop-out was an executive corporate manager,  a stock investor, and a business owner. Then and  there, he made commitment to help others actually make the changes that will bring their lives to a new level — and he’s got a gift for it!

But here’s why I’m really excited:

Today he is an “Income Acceleration Coach” and several people — including myself — have already maxed out their credit cards to pay to attend one of his 4-day seminars.  But now he’s offering a GREAT opportunity for you to hear him for the first time, because the cost of admission is 100% F*R*E*E!

During 2 separate one-day events, in April and June,  he will be teaching one-day seminars in Baltimore, MD,  and in LA. (The LA event is only 8 days away (on April 19) and is 77% full, so you’d need to sign-up soon.) 
I will be attending the June event in Baltimore so let’s meet up there and go to lunch!

If you’re a struggling entrepreneur, chances are you’re  missing one or more of these VITAL Tactics from your Toolkit!

Join David (free of charge) and learn them:

  • The truth behind WHY you aren’t where you want to be in your life RIGHT NOW…and what to do about it IMMEDIATELY!
  • Why even beginners to wealth acceleration are able  to play alongside more experienced people using these  truly life-shifting techniques…what ever level you’re at, you will learn invaluable tools to improve your life immediately!
  • How to always get a repeatable result in your manifestation  with this simple secret no one is talking about – you’ll be  astounded at how fast you’ll make changes when you add this ingredient!
  • How to improve your personal and professional manifestation  skills no matter how difficult it was for you before –  (This stuff truly works 100% of the time!)
  • Ways to master your own mind and emotions permanently so  you aren’t a slave to your past blocks ever again – this process  is not only freeing, it is PERMANENT!     

Like David says, “Success does NOT have to be hard!”

… You have to hurry though. Word is spreading like wildfire and  people are literally reserving BLOCKS OF SEATS. Reserve yours now here.

Why not invite a friend to make it more fun? Opportunity is not just  knocking, it’s rolling out the red carpet for you!
I urge you: if you are serious about making 2008 your best  year yet, sign up for this Tour!  You have to give them a deposit to hold your seat, but it’s fully refunded to you – in cash – at the event.
Get the full details at David’s X-Country tour page.

I hope to see you in Baltimore on Saturday June 7!

DON’T WAIT TO REGISTER or they may reach capacity  and I wouldn’t want you to miss this incredible learning  opportunity.  Trust me! You will get a lot out of this… 

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