brownpelicans.jpgA  flock of brown pelicans hung around the Chesapeake Bay well past the time they were supposed to fly south for the winter. Luckily for them, the frozen pod was rounded up from the Eastern Shore by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research organization took over the rescue operation treating the 29 surviving frostbitten pelicans with warm sponge baths and other remedies.

Regularly consuming copious quantities of herring, these large birds are expensive patients. Help care for these unique creatures by donating to Tri-State.

Meanwhile, other wildlife rescuers are working overtime in the South, where a cold streak has immobilized hundreds of endangered green sea turtles. Each day hundreds are rehabilitated while hundreds more are released back into the Atlantic Ocean after being rescued from frigid water in the past week. They are taken to facilities across Florida for treatment.

Watch the Pelican rescuers below, and read more at Delaware Online

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