Happy Monday!

We have constantly improved our site since its launch on March 14, thanks especially to PassionSpire for the needed web services and technical expertise:

  • The Archive of more than 600 stories published from 1997-2003 is being moved here. It will be broken down for browsing by category and each three year period. You can also use our search engine to find old stories. Only the Earth and Inspiration sections have been moved so far.
  • A blog is being set up for me to do announcements (like this) and ramblings (like that). It is called “G is for blog”.
  • Coming soon a calendar… Submit your dates and events for publishing
  • I finished posting “TWENTY MUSLIM INVENTIONS that Shaped Our World”. If you haven’t read them, you gotta check it out. One of the things GNN-i strives for is to break stereotypes. It doesn’t get anymore compelling than this, especially for us westerners: Islamic science and cultural was WAY ahead of Europe in so many ways in earlier centuries.

I hope you have been enjoying the features like “On this day in history”, and the “Inspiration Point” included for your morning coffee break. I would like some feedback, especially for the daily history item. Do you like it? Or does it take too much space away from news? What are your other comments about the content so far? I try honor your time by publishing only what is most compelling… Until next blog post … geri


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