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For the first time in a long while, a majority of American voters agree with me! And, it’s worth celebrating. . . In nationwide polls on Tuesday they seemed to say, "Enough." They are tired of the incompetence; tired of the hypocrisy; tired of corruption; tired of the poisonous atmosphere of politics. They are longing for good governance based on the values celebrated here at the Good News Network: responsibility, integrity, and cooperation…


I believe Democrats will begin to govern with these values as their core. The new Speaker of the House in congress has pledged to administer the most open and honest US House in history. The new Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid proposed a bipartisan working relationship on Iraq. There is no gloating over their momentous victory, rather thoughtful restraint.

The hubris that toppled the Democrats in the 1980’s is the same hubris that brought down the Republicans on Tuesday, and I think both sides are wiser for it. The vital center of American politics has realigned and it is a recipe for moderation.

Solutions can only be found when seeking the common ground. Good governance is forged by compromise and cooperation, not by shutting out the opposition, especially when the opposition represents nearly half of the voting public. Good governance means stopping the name-calling and demonization of opponents.

Speaker Pelosi realizes she has a new responsibility, to lead all the members, from both sides. Instead of following in Tom Delay’s footsteps, leading in the attack against the other side, she is demanding civility be returned to the halls of Congress.

"There’s plenty of area for us as a party to go in with some of our priorities about jobs, health care, education. We don’t have to fight on what we disagree on, we can just work on what we agree on.”

The divisive polarization in politics got tiring for most Americans. So-called Red States — pidgeon-holed by pundits as Republican after the election of 2004 — showed their true colors to be Red, white AND Blue. In the local state legislatures, more than 275 seats and 10 legislative chambers from New Hampshire to Oregon switched overnight from Republican to Democratic hands. (New York Times as quoted on DailyKos)

I have as much respect for Republicans as I do for Democrats, as long as they truly value my right to hold opinions contrary to their own (on Terry Shivo or leaving Iraq). When they demonize my choices, they have exited the realm of good governance and civil discourse, and betrayed the Bill of Rights.

Vicious attack ads backfired in four districts where Republicans demonized Nancy Pelosi’s values as being un-American. The compassionless ranting of Rush Limbaugh may have caused some Conservatives to search elsewhere for a spokesperson. And, George Bush’s suggestion that Democratic victories would be a "win for the terrorists" was the final echo of a fear-mongering mantra to which thoughtful Americans have closed their ears.

With the outcome of this election, I believe that much of the poison has been drawn out of the body politic. The Democratic sweep — an unprecedented sweep during which no sitting Democrat lost their job — restored balance to our country and relieved some of the pain on the Left with a healthy dose of hope.

The system of checks and balances — the genius of the US Constitution — won big on Tuesday. Civility and competence was the winning platform. By voting against the arrogance of power, common sense Americans affirmed solution-oriented good governance.

For the first time in a long while, my faith in American voters has been restored, and that is worthy of celebration.


  1. Not party politics please
    It was not Republicans that were the problem!
    It will not be the Democrats that will solve the Problems!

    It is and always will be the PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS that are the problems.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    The only difference between the Dem’s and the Rep’s is who’s paid them

  2. Some good comments
    I didn’t want to get into it, but I was going to write that Campaign Finance Reform and Public Financing for elections *IS* what is needed.

    I do hold out hope that we can change the discourse and tone in Washington.

    As for solving probems, we shall see. We shall hope for NO MORE policy writing in back rooms with lobbyists, like big oil writing our energy bill… (Clintons should have learned their lesson after closed door meetings on Health Care)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts… I do think we need reform also for the policy of earmarks in bills.

    LET’s DO IT!!

  3. .
    Fred, it’s true that all politicians have their respective financial cronies, but I think in this case it is necessary to differentiate.

    The Republicans got into office on the money of big business, the oil/phamacutical corporations, defense contracters, and the rich elite.

    The Democrats funding comes mostly from labor unions and civil rights groups.

    The later’s interests are geared toward a much broader scope of the income ladder. I would give Democrats a much better shot at governing in the public’s best interest.

    Geri, I too think that a more equitable system of campaign financing is a must. If we want to live in a true democracy (one where 99% of incumbents, and 95% of the richer canidates cannot win elections), something has got to change.

    Unfortunately, most of our governing body got into power by this very system. They are not likely to change it. If only there existed such a thing as an unbiased politician.

  4. All has limits…
    As I do know now, from the capacity of a glass, to speed of what we can do, ALL has limits. Same for politics that do not work enough: We cannot deny that from the war costing more than $341,473,935,163 so far, as well as not respecting international environmental agreements to not even recognizing to respect other countries culture and languages (America and Israel were the only ones to vote no on respecting other countries cultures and lingo, on 148 countries in October 2005), and so on…America MUST now walk the talk concerning positive community, exchange, environmental responsibilities …It is still the country for promoting freedom, the PBS” TV culture

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