pumpitup.jpgFor decades in Europe, prices at the pumps have been double what they were in the US. Their cars are smaller, bikes a viable commuter choice. Today, as gas prices double from what they were last year, Americans are beginning to change their habits, look to smaller cars — and hybrids — and consider more public transportation options. Maybe there is a silver lining in higher oil prices… (I know I have checked my tire pressure, changed the air filter — which made a big difference — and drive with a gentler foot on the pedal, all to save gas.)


  1. Gas prices will probably go higher and yes it will be a difficult to go without that a Starbuck triple, mocha, skinny latte (whatever it’s called), but we can do it! We have to make the effort for our planet and for our children and their children. This is a wake up call – that in my opinion is long overdue. Reduce, reuse and recycle is not just the mantra for a few, but one that we all must live by. Our government should take a long, hard look at how the country of Brazil managed to be energy independent in merely 30 years and begin to implement those processes here! I’m optimistic that we can get through economic crunch and be better for doing it now rather than later.

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