According to a national survey released by the Girl Scouts on the eve of New York City’s legendary Fashion Week, most girls are happy with their bodies and reject thin fashion models as unrealistic.

According to a Girl Scouts of America press release, the survey of 1,002 girls ages 13 to 17 “comes amid continuing controversy over super thin models who are dangerously underweight, (and charges that) the fashion industry’s preference for waif-like women has led to models engaging in obsessive dieting and extreme weight loss, as well as setting a poor example for teenage girls.”

The study found that girls’ friends and peers have much more influence over how they feel about their bodies than do fashion models. Eighty-two percent said that their peers and friends influenced how they felt about their bodies; 65 percent said it was their parents, and 62 percent reported another family member.

About three-quarters of the girls were happy with their bodies.

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  1. This is wonderful news and reminds me of the article I wrote about women’s body image- both in that article and this one, it seems that women have said “enough is enough” to unrealistic standards of beauty, which is great. My parents, family, friends, and boyfriend have all helped me to develop a really positive body image, and I’m glad that this seems to be the trend for other girls as well. You are all truly beautiful, and God loves all of you just the way you are- you are beautiful and made in His image!:-)

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