eastereggs.jpgHappy Spring and Happy Easter — a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth! … Does your life need a little renewal? Are there dandelion weeds in your head? If so, I’ve got great news, and you won’t have to lift a finger! Next week I’m releasing a stunning collection of my *personal notes* from the past 7 Great Mentors tele-seminars, with high-powered experts, virtually free.

(You remember, the free calls featuring top-notch authors and coaches straight from the N.Y. Times Best Seller list, Oprah, and the Whoopi show? Experts like Carol Adrienne, Debbie Macomber and Joan Marie Whelan?)
You won’t believe what I’m going to offer you. It’s like having a coach in the room with you.

I used to feel bad because I didn’t have a mentor, like other people do.

So I started the free Great Mentors program to give us all direct access to experts and coaches — from ALL 6 areas of life — to ask questions and get personalized answers back… And heck, I was mentored in the bargain!

rose-arrangement.jpg We’ve created breakthroughs for people… even for coaches themselves! George was living a life of quiet frustration, even
though he helped others transform. He found a root understanding in one of our calls: “It addressed a lot of issues and I had a revelation about what is happening in my life. I had no idea that I could actually be depressed! The call was terrific.”

Another empowerment coach from Canada writes, “To be able to easily
access so many experts, with such a variety of expertise is of true benefit to my business. The monetary value of what is being
provided here, basically FREE, is nothing short of phenomenal! I have listened to one of the mp3 three times and am looking forward to getting the rest of the program.” – Gisèle Guénard, CEO at www.visionarease.com


So many people are waiting for CD’s of these programs and
transcripts (to get high-powered mentoring virtually anywhere, in
their car, while they drive, or by reading the book), but they will
have to wait a little longer. The program should be available later
this spring…


You will — I guarantee this — be absolutely stunned by the
download I’m offering next week: My personal notes which include
exercises to help you get the most from every expert — whether it
be Tapping Your Intuition, Learning to be Happier, Discovering Your
Life’s Purpose, or How to Become a Successful Writer From Home.

This will be the best weed-killer for your life, and the best
fertilizer to get you growing! You will be forwarding it to
everyone you know.

Spring is about being happy again, and this download next week —
and I promise to live up to the hype (like I have in every
tele-seminar since September) — will give you the benefits you
want and you will barely need to lift a finger!

Until then, I remain your Mentoring Maven,


P.S. I want everyone to be able to have my personal notes… They
are *so* helpful as a tool for transformation, so I am going to
make this virtually FREE. Stay tuned. I will contact you next week.
(feel free to forward to anyone else who might need an instant
weed-killer for their mind…)

Check out the past 7 Great Mentors programs to see what is coming in next week’s download at www.GreatMentoring.com

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