World Environment Day is June 5. What are you doing for the planet?

Some great American kids in Orange, New Jersey are taking to the streets to clean up their community. The children and adolescents from Lincoln Avenue School are joining kids from Brazil and around the world to participate in the Good Will Students for Peace program with action towards a sustainable world: (The last part of this video is so inspiring!)

Good Will Students for Peace is an anti-violence educational program in schools that aims to instill in students solid leadership skills that guide them toward creating a global, peaceful and sustainable society.

The program’s developer, Legion of Good Will (LBV) works with educators and teachers to integrate character-building activities into the partner schools’ existing curriculum, leading students to improve their learning performance and favor violence-free behavior.

The LBV’s programs are driven by the Pedagogy of Affection (for ages up to ten years old) and the Ecumenical Citizen Pedagogy (for children of eleven years or older), a successful educational approach, created by the Brazilian educator and president of the LBV, Paiva Netto, with proven results in developing an environment of peace and increasing learning performance.

“World stability begins in the hearts of children,” said Netto.

Legion of Good Will (LBV) creates and fosters programs and projects of social inclusion and sustainable development in support of populations in situation of personal and social risk. Today, the LBV is present in approximately 80 cities in 5 regions in Brazil and has autonomous bases in 6 other countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Portugal, Uruguay, and the United States. Together, these units—schools, homes, and community centers for social assistance—form a network that helps thousands of children, teenagers, young people, adults, and senior citizens on a daily basis.

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