holiday-card-image-google.jpgEvery year around this time people start thinking about the annual holiday email they send to friends and family members and co-workers. But there are still those — who really appreciate seasonal greetings, think, grandma — who have remained in the pre-digital age of snail-mail.

Normally you would go to a store, choose a card, wait in line to pay for it, go to the post office, pick up some stamps, and drop it in a mail box, but this year, you can just go online and fill out a form and ask Gmail to handle the rest.

This holiday season, as a token of appreciation to their customers, Google is offering to snail-mail a free holiday postcard on your behalf. Yes, through the mail and everything.

The only catch is the cards need to be mailed to U.S. addresses, and to a limited number of people (due to limited Gmail elf availability).

There are also limited quantities, so be sure to request one soon at:
There are six designs, including a fold-it-yourself dreidel, snowflakes, mittens, a cartoon, and a very cute Rudolf.