A grandmother’s purchase from 7 years ago is bringing smiles to social media users after Marjorie Zarbaugh made a Facebook post about the serendipitous incident.

Zarbaugh’s mother has always dreamt of having a granddaughter; in fact, the woman from Winter Haven, Florida was so smitten with the idea, she bought a gift for her future grandchild 7 years before it was even born.

Zarbaugh’s mother had been shopping at Macy’s on September 9th, 2011 when she saw a little girl’s dress for sale on a clothing rack. She bought the dress and tucked it away into storage for the day when it would come in handy.

Then in May 2018, Zarbaugh announced that she was pregnant with an unborn daughter named Madelynn. At Zarbaugh’s gender reveal party, her doting mother finally got to give her the dress as a gift.

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“She had bought this little dress years before, hoping she’d have a granddaughter one day,” Zarbaugh wrote in a Facebook post. “I thought it was cool, so I kept the tags on.”

Months later, Zarbaugh was going through her stash of baby clothes when she came across the dress her mother had bought.

Zarbaugh was about to cut the tags off of the dress when she noticed a stunning detail: her mother had bought the dress on Madelynn’s birthday seven years before she was even born.

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“How do you explain that!” wrote Zarbaugh. “Tears, happy tears.”

According to WFTS, the emotional mother says that her decision to keep the tags on the dress was simply “meant to be”.

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  1. When I was 10 years old, I was spending the summer with my cousin on their farm when my mother gave birth to her 8th & last child, a baby girl. My aunt took me out to buy a gift…a tiny, pink, cotton dress. Since my newest sister weighed 10-1/2 lbs., the dress was way too small, and my mother packed it away. Ten years later, when my daughter was born, the dress was returned. Years later, my daughter gave birth to my first grandaughter, who also wore the dress. Years after that, my grandaughter delivered her daughter, and by now, just for tradition, wore the dress as well. My great-grandaughter is only 7 years old, but I do hope they keep the tradition going long after I’m gone, at least until that little dress finally disintegrates!

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