I am a grandmother and holistic practitioner. I have not been active in politics since the ‘70s. I’m sorry to admit that I just gave up hope. Well, HOPE is back! I’d like to see a story about the hope that we DO have, politically. At this point in the upcoming election we have choices, and we do have a voice.

We can choose to study. Not listen to media hype, but study. And we can determine what is best for us – not let some politician do it for us, not let the media do it for us, but make our own choice.

Then we can go to our caucus. Yep, I live in Iowa – and our caucus is on January 3rd. Everyone who has the opportunity should attend. Why? It’s the last time we really have any CHOICES. If we wait until the Political Conventions are over – then the only choice we have left is to vote for somebody that someone else picked for us.

Well not this time! Get involved! Be at the top of things! I don’t care what your choice is or what party you’re affiliated with – get out there on a cold night and MAKE YOUR STAND!

If enough people who read the Good News Network get out there – we may have some Good News later on in 2008!

Grandma Diane


Diane, The Spirit Coach, is a counselor and intuitive healer. Through her training, and working with clients, and also her life experience as a survivor, Diane is able to help people manage their goals for health, relationships, and career.


  1. Good news from Australia
    I was the same but my family and I and thousands of others have come out in a grass roots campaign for change. We have just changed the government The new administration now promises to leave the terrible war in Iraq , ratify the Kyoto treaty and protect the rights of the millions of workers and we have a female Deputy Prime Minister for the first time There is a long way to go , but stand up , get up and you can change the world !

  2. Not the only one
    Grassroots, only Ron Paul?? Are you forgetting about Kucinich?
    Additionally, there is more than one change-agent … I’d call Barack Obama a refreshing change.
    And, all three want out of the war.

    I’m glad you are commenting and enjoyed some of your other posts around the site.


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