Some diesel cars, like the Volkswagen Jetta, are speeding happily along the highway fueled only by vegetable oil from restaurants that was previously used for deep-frying …


A company in Easthampton, Mass., called Greasecar, installs conversion kits to change your diesel car into one that can use soybean oil. The unit takes up most of your truck, but then, off you go — smelling a bit like fries, but emitting zero sulfer into the atmosphere and earning 50 miles per gallon. A New York Times writer recently converted his car to a hybrid grease car and gives all the details here. It costs under two thousand dollars for the parts and labor.


  1. Welsh people thrive on vegetable oil
    In Wales (UK), a lot of people converted their cars to run on vegetable oil and started buying up trolley loads at the supermarkets.

    However, in the UK as soon as you pour a liquid into a vehicle’s fuel tank, that liquid is subject to fuel tax. So the police started clamping down on it, and that brought to an end a rather sensible idea.

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