There is a duck named Guus who’s taking Instagram by storm.

Guus the duck, named after Donald Duck’s cousin in Holland, has been dressing up in a different costume every week to the delight of over 2,500 Instagram fans from around the world.

His caretaker, Sam Pronk, uses her knack for arts and crafts to give the fashionista his stunning props, starting in the beginning with a tiny Donald Duck costume.

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“I am really creative and love to make things out of nothing. On holidays, I decided to make Guus hats and take special pictures,” Sam told the Good News Network. “On Kingsday in Holland, everyone wears an orange outfit, so I made Guus an orange shirt. I quite liked it, and Guus did too. He didn’t want to take the shirt of all day.”

Then came the Donald Duck costume. “After that one, it got a bit out of hand!”

guus-the-duck-motorcycle-InstagramBecause Sam uses a mannequin with his measurements to make the outfits, Guus only has to shake his tail feathers in front of the camera for two minutes before he’s rewarded with mealworms and corn.

As fate would have it, this dynamic duo came together because of a bet that Sam won between her and her friend.

“I said if I win, you have to buy me a duckling! Which he agreed to because he was sure I wouldn’t win. The next day I went to pick him up from the train station and he was carrying a small box. He handed me the box and the cutest little ball of yellow fur with blue eyes was looking up at me!”

Guus is now one year old and constantly spoiled by his adopted human mother. He lives out his days sharing a garden and private kiddy pool with Sam’s three chickens, three bunnies, and two dogs. Check out more fun photos:





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