Universities usually have a single commencement speaker, but Tufts got more than it bargained for: Comic Book Guy, Moe Syzlak the bartender, Quick-E-Mart manager Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, and Police Chief Wiggum all showed up to speak to the students—channeled through actor Hank Azaria, who voices the characters on “The Simpsons”.

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Azaria, who provides voices for 16 of the series’ regulars and countless one-time characters, was the featured speaker at Tufts University, where he once attended school.

The video above shows him holding up a copy of his speech, calling it “the only writing assignment I ever completed on time”. He offered advice from one of his characters, Comic Book Guy, who compared life to “Star Wars” movies, saying, “Some of them are great, some of them suck–but good or bad, you have to sit through all of it.”

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The full range of characters’ spouting wisdom starts about 13 minutes into the video below and includes Police Chief Wiggum’s advice for avoiding arrest and Moe the Bartender’s jab at Tufts’ rival.

Azaria’s advice was more practical: be honest with yourself and trust your instincts.

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(WATCH the video above for highlights and below for the full address)

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