soldier in iraqIf you surf the Internet today and go to any of the news sites, you will find story after story promoting bad news. Bird flu, WW III, Iraq, bad government and economic collapse are just a few of the many depressing topics you will find on virtually every site. Rarely do you find any good news. Broadcast media is no better. Various inspirational, spiritual, psychological and motivational teachers like Earl Nightengale, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others say in short words, “We become what we think about.” If we dwell on bad news day in and day out, that’s what we will attract to ourselves…

Every time we turn on any news broadcast, we are bombarded with bad news and sprinkled with an occasional feel-good story. Eighty to 90 percent are featuring the bad news. So we go about our day with a background anxiety linked to the many stories about murder, war, corporate greed and so on. Our comfort zone is being threatened unconsciously. That leads us to act as if we are under attack. This is negative psychological checkmate. We become what we think about without realizing it.

Have you ever met one of those people that are always happy, cheerful and positive? Things just seem to go right for them. The odds are that you won’t see them gritting their teeth in front of the television watching bad news. Einstein said “The biggest decision a human can make is whether they consider the universe hostile or friendly.” Again, “We become what we think about.”

Discard the bad stuff and pursue “Good News.” Like the old cliché “Think Positive” and that’s what you will attract.

fighting in iraq Going further, if you can train yourself to forgive all the negativity, you will lift the burden of perceived offenses that most people carry with them. Forgive it and let it go. A real relief. When something goes wrong, forgive it and carry on knowing that something good is on its way.

I have gotten to the point that when I see something good, I celebrate and give thanks for the “Good News.” Picture yourself as a “Good News” magnate. Visualize yourself attracting good and positive things. Become what you think about.

Let’s imagine. If just 25 percent of the population started to think positive, take no offense and radiate “Good News” it would grow stronger each day till humanity would finally reach that plateau of “Peace on Earth.” Enlightenment would spread like wild fire. Nirvana would unfold. Now that’s Good News!

I met this unusual young kid back in grade school. He was kind, didn’t judge anyone, had kind of an unconditional love for everyone and always had a group of kids around him. He was nice and fun to be around. This young fellow was very wise for his age of around 10 years old. If we adults could learn these principles, life would go a lot easier for us and anyone around us.

And it’s doable. Turn off the “Bad News.” Watch TV and movies that uplift. If you ignore the violence, horror and mayhem, then ‘Hollywierd’ will get the message. Think “Good News,” be positive, stay happy to be alive and here now and that’s what will increase.

Let’s rid ourselves of all the “Bad News” and turn it all around. Today, consciously turn off any bad news or violent programming. Only watch shows that make you laugh and feel good. Give your spouse and kids a kiss and tell them you love them. Watch the change. It’s miraculous. Do it often and see how they start to treat you differently. It can and will spread past your family members. People at work and others you deal with will feel your “Good News.”

The “Good News” would expand and spread. People might ask each other, “What are you so happy about?” “Don’t know, just am.” This is a conscious effort. We have to make it happen. It won’t do it by itself.

Just remember, attract to “Good News” and it will attract to you, and reject any and all “Bad News.” We want to become what we think about.


John Hayes owns and manages an alternative energy company located in the mountains near Kamiah in North Central Idaho. His background includes research into the writings and teachings of notables like Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Earl Nightingale, Gary Renard, and others. Concern over environmental issues and the overall state of the world in general has motivated him to express his opinions to others. His intentions include promoting solutions to catastrophic climate change and is currently working on a website at He lives with his wife and two dogs and was delighted to find the Good News Network.


  1. You notice, a lot of this bad news is hypothetical news. If A happens, then B happens, then C happens. What if A doesn’t happen. During the war last year in Lebanon, lots of people were predicting the Third World War. When it ended in August, they said it will happen. Just like the Communists saying that even though the world economy did not collapse as Karl Marx predicted in the 1840s, it will happen. Every layoff is mentioned by the Communists as proof of the inevitable collapse. There is not enough bad news. They have to dream up more.

    Another instance. Nuclear weapons have not been used in war since August 1945. Preachers like Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe say Russia (they didn’t see the collapse of the Soviet Union), China, Iraq, etc. will use them. Thinking that got the US into Iraq (a war these people did not fight).

    These people ignore real news that has happened. For instance, deaths from measles have declinded 60% over eight years (thats’ 1,000 fewer deaths every day, mostly children). They want another 1,000 living by 2011. Cases of leprosy have declined 20% over the prior year. Around 1988, there were 250,000 cases of polio a year. Now 1,500.

    People who peddle bad news are the same type of people who sell porn and violent video games. They’ll make money messing up your brain.

  2. Hi John and William,

    Both of your comments are right on. Between skewing facts and “keeping us informed” of things that are either irrelevant to us or bring us down, much of the mass media is putting people in a place where they feel bleak, feel there is nothing good going on in the world, etc.

    I was listening to CBC Radio today in Canada and a station that is supposedly better than other “negative news” media surprised me with this hourly update. Under the auspices of “keeping me informed”, the only news covered was about “10 people dying in Somalia in a gun crackdown, 15 people dying in Jakarata and supposedly the people of Iran promising to blow up the world if the west stops them from developing nuclear power (one person in Iran making statements does not constitute ‘the people)”. So, if I were to look at that as being informed, then the world is a pretty lousy place to be. However, I didn’t feel informed at all – I saw that as more stuff to make people afraid. I guess to say things like “we made more steps towards curing disease or millions of people travelled safely around this beautiful world without being killed or someone did a great thing for so and so” is just not exciting to the media.

    When people are afraid, they both consume more and are easier to control when you need to control them. I am not a conspiracist at all – however, these elements of psychology are difficult to ignore when one watches the media and asks “Why else would you just tell me the bad stuff”.

    How about reporting a few random acts of kindess once in a while? These are the kinds of stories that make people sit up and say “What a beautiful world – how can I make a difference like that”. How about reporting inspiring things like GNN does?

    When one focuses on the incredible beauty, miracles and wonderful things going on in the world, it transforms how you see the world, how you see yourself and the wonder that is our Life. It’s a pity that the media would rather not focus on that.

    Well written, guys.

    Take care,


  3. Well said Harry. Thanks for commenting on the article. Why don’t we lobbie news outlets to report on “Random Acts of Kindness” like you said or some “Good News” for a change. Anyone else reading this could do the same. Maybe we could make a difference. I would say just about everyone out there is tired of all the bad news. Let’s write a few letters to radio and tv stations in our areas and tell them we want good news. Good life to you….John Hayes

  4. Hi,

    good news
    or bad news

    The reason of it are not the “makers” behind TV or behind the press. The reason is, to sell or not to sell the news or the newspaper.

    Bad news are good news (for the business)

    If you want to change the newss, you must change the mind of the people.

    Or – and that is the better way, switch off the CNN – news ond avoid to buy the newsaper. And never forget, it is your decision what you want to see on TV.

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