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I was invited to an open studio session at Art InDeed one Saturday afternoon. Being guided by founder, Danah Beaulieu I felt empowered, nurtured, spontaneous and even dared to be experimental. She has a natural and intuitive ability of fostering creativity in a non-judgmental environment with the emphasis on the process rather than the end product.

Being an artist myself and recalling my education as a child with the focus only being on the end product; I found it rather restrictive. So, I find Danah’s emphasis on the process very refreshing. The combination of the home based studio and Danah’s intuitive abilities along with her love, compassion and her desire of helping others results in making a monumental difference in our community.

I became more and more attracted to Art InDeed as I discovered all of the programs being offered to the community. Art InDeed provides holistic arts programs to serve children, teens, adults and seniors of all backgrounds, including those with special needs, who are processing grief, or have mental health challenges such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, depression and anxiety. These programs operate within organizations such as Hopsice, House of Sophrosyne, Alzheimer’s Society, just to name a few; as well as privately run programs within the studio.

Art InDeed began when Danah wanted to bring her ideas of incorporating the use of the arts as an activity for increasing well-being and seeing first-hand the benefits it provided others. She desired to develop her own “brand” of healing through art, nurturing creativity and building artistic skills and creative self-expression to life as a service…art as a service…art as a mission with a vision…therefore art as a deed, hence Art Indeed!

Photo of June making art – Art InDeed Facebook Page

Art InDeed will be celebrating ten years in November, 2015! Art InDeed initiated as a Community Arts Practice and has expanded to a private holistic arts-based, process-oriented service and practice with an open space studio on Victoria Ave. in downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A celebration is in store! Danah would like to see a combined arts-music-poetry exhibition/performance celebration along with the opening of a larger premise/location in a natural setting and expanded staffing to serve more clients.

In the future Danah would like to see what has been brought to life, expanded: An expanded: clientele, staff, community arts practice and larger location to serve more individuals with a new premise in a natural setting to continue programming and to also hold retreats. She also envisions training on her intuitive based processes in process-oriented art-making for increasing well-being. Expansion would also include studios in various locations, nationally and internationally to help more clients on a global level.

Art Indeed is a precious gift to this community having helped over 25 organizations and 700 individuals! A breath of fresh air…the organization’s main focus is helping others by “wellness through creativity”.

For more information please visit www.art-indeed.com or find them on Facebook.

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