disabled_theatreThousands of U.S. veterans have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan maimed and disfigured, their lives forever changed. The National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped worked with two dozen veterans of U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this summer, in hopes of helping them work through their emotions and feelings of loss…

Brother Rick Curry, a Jesuit, founded the theater workshop in New York nearly 30 years ago to help people with disabilities learn communication skills necessary for careers in theater and to enhance workplace opportunities.

One soldier, who joined the military after the 9-11 attacks, is determined to overcome his injuries through writing fiction with the help of the theatre company. His full story at Vermont Times Argus.

Brother Rick persevered over his own disabilities (he was born without a forearm) to dedicate his life to helping people all over the world to find their independence and creativity as he found his. Rick’s efforts include opening a bakery to offer job opportunities and teach business skills to those physically challenged, empowering others while raising funds for his theatre program. 

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