This commercial for a children’s television network has a very poignant and charming message: when it comes to see differences, children see differently.

Interviewers sit down with several pairs of children – all of which are more obviously different (at least from an adult’s perspective) from their counterpart.

One child might be in a wheelchair, while the other is not. One child might be black, while the other is white. One child might have Down syndrome, while the other doesn’t.

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When asked about what makes them different, however, the youngsters don’t pick up on the obvious answers. Instead, they say things like “I have bigger toes than him”, or “I like tomato sauce and she doesn’t”, or even just “his house is at the bottom of a hill”.

The commercial, which was filled by the BBC’s CBeebies network, was created to let children know that “everyone is welcome” – no matter how they are different from each other.

(WATCH the video below)

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