A homeless cat named Masha has become a neighborhood hero after she kept warm a baby boy who was dropped off in an apartment building hallway amid frigid Russia temperatures.

The baby, estimated to be 2-3 months old, was left in Masha’s cardboard box, and the feline was only too happy to snuggle for several hours until daybreak when he began meowing loudly to alert neighbors in the city of Obninsk.

When the baby, who was later deemed fit and healthy, was carried to the ambulance, neighbors say Masha “followed him and pitifully meowed and tried to jump into the ambulance to follow the boy.”

The mama cat then “sat for hours on the road waiting for the car to return and bring him back, neighbors said.”

One local resident told Central European News, “We have all spoiled her rotten by giving her her favorite food.”

(WATCH the video above or READ the story from RT News)


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