Ike the old dog-RisaFeldmanfamilyphoto

A 15-year-old dog that lost the use of his back legs will be able to continue his favorite pastime, taking walks, thanks to the kindness of two Home Depot employees near Los Angeles.

Risa Feldman came to the hardware store in Hawthorne and asked employee Ernesto Moran how she could construct a cart for pushing around the neighborhood. He said he’d think about it and call her back.

Moran and his co-worker Justin Wadman came up with a brilliant solution for Risa and her beloved Ike, and custom built it themselves, including a ramp on hinges.

(WATCH the KABC-TV video below or READ the story w/ photos from ABC)

Photo by Risa Feldman / Story tip from Julianne Stein

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