honduras-salvation-army-health.jpgA contingent of 38 doctors and nurses from Cleveland, New York and Chicago, along with Salvation Army Officers who act as interpreters and ministers, will leave for Honduras tomorrow to treat 3,000 patients in need.

Together they will spend a week working in two areas of Honduras (Central America), where the group has been cited as the finest primary care group that attends to that nation’s residents.

Although the group will include a cardiologist, obstetrician/gynecologist and other specialists, the patients are mostly in need of primary care.

hondurans-wait-in-line.jpg  “We do everything from gunshot wounds and stabbings to vitamins for entire families,” says Dr. Norm Raymond, a Westerville physician who also serves in a leadership position at The Salvation Army’s Chapel at Worthington Woods, Ohio, where he is the Corps Sgt. Major.

This is the ninth straight year that a medical mission has been organized for Honduras since the country was devastated by Hurricane Mitch.

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