pilot-houston-charity-cancer-cnn-heroFor cancer patients struggling financially, the cab fare alone from Houston airports to hospitals (costing $50-$100), can be enough to prohibit their ability to receive treatments that would keep them alive.

So pilot Kathy Broussard, who was already providing free flights for patients, started a group she called Houston Ground Angels, that organizes volunteers to drive patients to and from Houston’s airports and treatment centers for free.

“People lose everything. They lose their cars; they lose their homes. They’re living with relatives. They wouldn’t have cab fare. A lot of people would just stay home and die,” said Broussard, 60. “And that’s just not acceptable.”

Today the group has 300 drivers volunteering their gas and time to transport patients who need help. You can donate on their website using a Paypal button.

WATCH the CNN video below, or READ the story at CNN Heroes.


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