bulldog milos kitchen video

“Your tail wagged, my heart skipped a beat, and I knew you were the one. Thank you for always having my back.”

This poignant video from Milo’s kitchen totally puts into words what we’ve always felt, but many have not have expressed, about our beloved four-legged friends.

Their recent “Dog Happy Survey” of 3,000 U.S. dog parents found that ‘man’s best friend’ enriches our lives in surprising ways that often go unappreciated:

  • 86% of dog parents say their dog “comforts me immeasurably”
  • 71% say their dog “reminds me to seek out more joy in life”
  • 64% say their dog “makes me look forward to going home more than anything else”
  • 63% say their dog “makes me much more patient and responsible”

So, give Fido an extra hug, and maybe go buy him something nice.

And remember, on National Dog Day and every day: unconditional love is great, even if it is wet and slobbery.

(WATCH the video from Milo’s Kitchen below)

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