obama-office-wh-photoIn an opinion column for the New York Times, Timothy Egan wrote: “If I were one of the big corporate donors who bankrolled the Republican tide that carried into office more than 50 new Republicans in the House, I would be wary of what you just bought.”

“For no matter your view of President Obama, he effectively saved capitalism. And for that, he paid a terrible political price.”

“The presidency of George W. Bush produced the worst stock market decline of any president in history. The net worth of American households collapsed. And if you needed a loan to buy a house or stay in business, private sector borrowing was dead when he handed over power”…

(READ the Op/Ed piece in the New York Times)


  1. I was so glad to see this article. It gave me hope that someone came forward to print this. I just hope that this catches on and more of this information makes it through the big media outlets on a regular basis. I believe Obama has done an amazing job and feel for him because he has been blasted by both sides.

  2. This is such a disappointing turn of events and I’m so glad to see someone point it out. In the long run though, I think Obama will be seen as one of the great presidents.

    I do hate to be a harbinger of doom and gloom, but the practices of the Republican party really are threating to force the US into decline. If they continue to stonewall reform the other countries will take action to protect their own economies from the US’s influence. If that happens America’s time as the economic leaders of the world will be over.

    Whether or not they can reform themselves in time, I think Obama will be remembered as the one who stood up against this corruption and at least tried to save his country. Whatever ever happens though, things alway seem to work out in the long run, hopefully these trials will be a lesson for us all in the future.

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