The Lesson: If you’ve reached a point in your life where you need to find the one thing that deserves all of your creative energy, it can be frustrating trying to nail down which of your passions deserves your attention. But Jason Silva has a method of how you can “follow the trail of neurochemistry” to find your ultimate passion.

Notable Excerpt: “Here’s how you find your passion, if you don’t know it: you make a list of 15 things that you’re really curious about. Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, often talks about the pressure of knowing your passion, and she says that if you don’t know your passion, at least chase curiosity. Because at least you know things that you’re curious about, so you make a list of 15 things. Now what you’re gonna do is create a kind of Venn diagram and you’re gonna find where these things overlap. Where do 3 to 5 of those 15 things that you’re curious about overlap?”

The SpeakerJason Silva is an Emmy-award winning television host, motivational speaker, and filmmaker. In addition to hosting his YouTube series Shots of Awe, Silva has given hundreds of lectures on creativity, technology, innovation, mental health, and relationships. His National Geographic TV show Brain Games has been broadcasted in over 171 countries.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below) – Editor’s Note: This talk contains mild language.

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