ibm-logo.jpgTech giant IBM gave Wall St. some much-needed good news on Wednesday, reporting profit gains for its fourth quarter and 2008 overall, and projecting a strong financial performance in 2009 as well. (


  1. I don’t feel that business forecasts their effect on the mass psychology called the stock market are real good news. I ask that these types of events not be included here on the Good News Network.

  2. The forecasting, and stock market isn’t the point of this news!

    A PROFIT in the fourth quarter for a US business: That is good news and people NEED to hear it.

    Normally I don’t add short term trends in the economy on the site. It isn’t compelling, because things go up and then they go down.

    But these days, I believe people would VERY much welcome news of profit from one of our biggest industries.

    Thanks for your comment, though… Did you see my latest Editor’s Blog (below) which shows how different people’s opinons are, regarding what IS and what ISN’T good news. It shows the challenge I have as an editor trying to please everyone… It isn’t possible, except in maybe half or two-thirds of my stories.

    Fully 28% were not sure they wanted to see plane crash-and-rescue stories here on the GNN…

  3. It’s hard to tag things as good or bad. It really depends on individual’s point of view. I agree in normal situation this kind of news isn’t anything special, but I suspect that some companies have used the financial downturn as an excuse to report loss and lay off people, to take some pressure off the relentless shareholder’s demands to make profit, which makes things look worse than it really is.

  4. Geri, you are doing a great thing. I am a former CEO of a public company who is now on disability for major depression and anxiety disorder. This news about IBM needs to overplayed to the fullest extent possible as the major news networks overplay the bad news. This and every day to come we are in a battle of good verses bad of epic proportion. We must be the warriors of good for ourselves and the world.

  5. Thank you Geri and everyone for your comments. I am glad that my contribution provoked them. There is indeed no collective agreement about what is good or bad. I am not opposed to anything; I simply choose to lend my energy to what is positive. The IBM story is certainly positive. However, it is a guess, a projection about a future that has not happened. It is not a story about real people doing real things that really make a difference in this world.

    Thank you Geri for taking this on. I so appreciate your contribution to the world.

  6. Geri, I just subscribed after typing in just for the heck of it! I saw this post and wanted to jump in. I understand Novastar’s point but the line between reality and perception in this age of 24/7 media is a difficult one to draw. So much of what we are dealing with today, in the mainstream news, is a warped perception of the world disseminated by standard media outlets in an attempt to capitalize on and sensationalize the worst of the world. News like this from IBM gets drowned our. We need balance and I for one am glad to see you providing it!! Keep it up! – tk

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