It’s National Yoga Month and practitioners everywhere are throwing their mats down and getting ready to work their hamstrings in warrior pose 1, 2, and 3. But, yoga also inspires a healthy and fun lifestyle outside the studio, as well.

That’s why we’ve chosen a few of our favorite products to try out for yourself, or send as gifts to friends. Best of all, these companies donate a portion of the purchase price to elephant protection, girls’ education, and other empowering charities.

A Yoga-Inspired Goodie Box

The Buddhi Box is a monthly gift box delivered to your house filled with 4-6 samples of guru-geared goodies for professional and amateur yogis alike. All their products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and results in a donation to a different charity each month.


Some of the samples might include health snacks to keep your body temple lean and green; elephant necklaces and temporary tattoos to emulate the yogi spirit on and off the mat; or soothing aromatherapy concoctions to relax your muscles and nerves post-workout.

No matter what you find hiding in the package, it’s going to be a fun surprise. If a sample strikes you as especially fantastic, you can just visit the Buddha Box website to buy a fully-sized product. Subscriptions for the delivery start at $34.95 + $5.00 for shipping a month.


Save the Elephants With These Fun Pants

Also for Yoga Month, try out some authentic Thai designs from the stylish apparel brand, One Tribe, dedicated to putting an end to elephant poaching. A donation of $1 from every item sold will help provide medicine and care for the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.

The One Tribe company specializes in loose, comfortable elephant pants, but also features elephant bracelets, tapestries, and more.

The expansion of products came after the young couple that was running a youth hostel in Thailand noticed a surge of interest for their boho fashion—and decided they wanted to do more to help the threatened elephant species.

Cute Customized Sandals

Summer may be wrapping up for some, but the new FLEEPS sandals will be a hot favorite all year because of the company’s unique custom ordering that can match any personality and style.

I tried out a pair of FLEEPS on my vacation recently (click to enlarge my photo, right) and I loved both the comfort and sleek design. But, there are two other reasons that I wanted to showcase this product.



First, is the customization. FLEEPS gives its customers the option to design their own color scheme – whether it be for matching their wedding colors, opting for orange and black on Halloween, or choosing colors that match their favorite sports team, they can select the 3 hues for the sole, ankle strap, and top strap.

Secondly, they donate 10% of every purchase price to charities that empower and educate women and young girls —Shining Hope for Communities out of Kenya and Starfish Impact Foundation out of Guatemala. They also employ 100 women annually that make the FLEEPS sandals, and whose children go to schools funded by the project. The donated funds also are improving a community in San Jose.


So far, FLEEPS, which sells the shoes for $29.95–$34.95, has donated over $5,000, with a goal of selling 1,000,000 pairs by 2019, which will be able to educate 10,000 girls around the world.

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