Has anyone seen Gore’s movie….An Inconvenient Truth? If not, then please do so. It’s powerful. And, after watching it, come back and tell us what you are going to do about global warming.
wind turbines
One thing I want to do is this. For the next 10 weeks I want to convince one person per day to sign up to receive all their electricity from windpower. In Colorado, you would have to get on a waiting list. The goal is to increase the waiting list by thousands in order to encourage the utilities to put up more wind turbines.
If you sign up you’ll be on the waiting list at least a year, maybe more, but the impact of consumer demand will drive this market. If we are going to save the planet we have to demand that energy corporations move to renewable energy. And it shouldn’t be a move to ethanol, because it uses more energy than it produces.

So, who will sign up for wind energy this week and let me know that you did? If you are in Colorado, New Mexico or Minnesota, you can purchase wind energy for your home or office. Visit Xcel Energy’s Web site and sign up. Then, try to convince one person per week for the next 10 weeks to do the same thing. The impact will be massive!!!

We must do what Jared Diamond in his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, called Bottom Up solutions. We must do this or lose our only home, planet Earth.

Go for it.

More info on Wind Power From Xcel’s Web site

Xcel Energy is the nation’s leading supplier of wind energy to retail customers. As of early 2006, we had 1,100 megawatts of wind energy capacity in use, and expect to double that by the end of 2007. This includes more than 1,000 megawatts each in Colorado and Minnesota. Our goal is to add another 1,700 megawatts more of wind capacity by 2012.


Through our Windsource® program, customers in Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota can specify that part or all of their electricity be generated by the wind. Because wind energy costs more to produce than electricity from conventional sources such as coal or gas, customers pay a slightly higher price for it. (emphasis added by GNN) The Windsource® program is the largest voluntary wind power program in the country.

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