Give inmates books when they’re bored and they’re less likely to cause trouble, more likely to think about turning over a new leaf. The Lancaster police station is trying such a program, using library cast-offs and donated items.


  1. Hi Geri, as a author/publisher I get a certain amount of slightly damaged books back from places like Amazon, etc, and periodically I give them away to military hospitals, public libraries and others. Now I will look into the local jail and hopefully be let back out. OK, thanks for the great idea. Ed Smith

  2. Omygod, talk about the ability to change someone’s life! Your book is easy to read and has bite size pieces to read while waiting for something. It is perfect for this use.

    When I used to publish a printed newsletter called SOME GOOD NEWS, I used to donate 10-20 copies each to the local homeless shelter and the juvenile — and adult — detention centers. I’ve gotten letters saying how much they were appreciated in the prisons.

    (Like you, I thought of the hospital and thought it would be great in the waiting room, but there was too much red tape and it wasn’t allowed.)

  3. Positive thinking books are so inspirational for those going through tough times. I always thought good news could change the world that way… because my content isn’t just NEWS, it is also filled with inspirational essays and how-to information for getting on the positive track.

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