Israel’s leader is offering the Palestinians "reduced checkpoints, releasing of frozen funds and a prisoner exchange in return for a serious push for peace by the Palestinians." (AP reports)


  1. It’s a matter of culture, not religion
    I could say Jews see concessions as a sign of weakness in their enemies” and it would make just as little sense. The important thing is that someone is willing to make a step in the right direction

  2. You Can Not Kill Them All
    One spiritual teacher said, You can never kill all the people who disagree with you.

    More bombings in Gaza to try to retaliate for a missing soldier is just making things worse…. One interview with a farmer in West Bank showed that he used to chase militants out of his fields when they tried to set up rockets, now, since the devastation of recent bombings against Palestinians, he doesn’t chase them off anymore.

    Tit for tat measuring of who did what first to whom and who made the most concessions to whom for so little in return is not going to stop the killing and hate. What can stop the killing and hate? More bombing and starvation so they will be quaking in their boots, in fear of the mighty Israel? I think hard-line attitudes will only prolong the killing. Peace talks is the only way. The only way to peace talks is through concession.

    Have a great day Irene, and thanks for starting a thoughtful discussion! We welcome and encourage it.


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