purple-kurrent.gifA new breed of micro automobiles known as Neighborhood Cars can transport two people for as little as two cents a mile. The stylish Kurrent offers its electric car for around $10,000. These cars, popular in Europe — and designed in Italy — are rolling into Florida, California and mountain state communities at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The electric Kurrent can be charged in an ordinary household outlet and maintain their power for up to 100 miles on flat ground. Though very small, the car is built strong enough to be substantial in a crash. They’re making up to 10 of them each day in colors that will make you want to own a matching iPod! The fact that they are "zen"-like, zero-emissions and non-polluting, makes them even more attractive to young and old alike.
Thanks to Steve Ghent for the tip!


  1. ZAP is another manufacturer that has been selling the Xebra for years, primarily in California, but also a few other states. They claim the same economy, selling small electric cars and trucks. You can look them up to find out exactly where the dealers are.

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