IMG_1698.jpgFrom the time I can remember, I believed in positive thinking bringing positive results. I knew there was something missing though, because just thinking about it wouldn’t necessarily make it happen. I already used visualization in sports — teamed with positive thinking — to become a very good 4-sport athlete. As I got older, I realized the missing ingredient to make the Law work for me was taking action.

I have lots of stories of the Law of Attraction because I live it every day, paying attention to the little things that most people believe are “coincidences”. My story, first posted in the GNN Forum this summer, involves manifesting a repair to my roof caused by wind damage. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and we had a major wind storm with winds topping 85MPH. My roof was badly damaged but there were thousands of roofs damaged in the Metroplex. I called my roofing company and it took nearly 2 hours to get someone live on the phone. They told me that there were about 350 people ahead of me. I left my information and they told me it would be a minimum of 2 weeks before they could take a look at it to give me an estimate. That was Thursday around 12:00AM.

For the first couple of hours after the call I was frustrated and worried because the forecast was for more severe thunderstorms over the next week. From my attic you could actually see daylight in several places which ensured major water damage if it rained.

The next morning on my way to the office, I decided I would try positive affirmations and visualization. I didn’t set any expectations or deadlines, I just visualized my roof being taken care of, whether it was because the forecasted rain would miss our house, or my roof would be repaired. Within ten minutes — yes, ten minutes — after starting the positive affirmations and visualizations something happened that I attribute to the Law of Attraction.

My phone rang and it was the roofing company. They said that there was someone in our area who might be able to stop by today. I was floored. I continued to do positive affirmations and visualizations, on and off, all day long. When I got home, the roofing company was working on the repair and actually completed the major repair.

As they started coming down from the ladder, it started to rain. And I mean rain! It poured for the next two days.

I was so grateful because if they had not come that day, I would have had serious water damage. By changing my negative outlook to a positive one, then visualizing a positive outcome without putting restrictions on HOW it was going to turn out, the Law of Attraction led to my problem being solved in a timely way. If they had come a day, or even a couple of hours, later major damage would have resulted.

I suggest that even if you do not believe in the Law of Attraction, try it anyway. What do you have to lose but sending off positive energy where it was negative before?



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