lemonade-for-burma.jpgMolly Long decided to take the concept of a childhood lemonade stand to the international relief level last weekend. After seeing a picture of a homeless child in Burma, Molly decided to put her resources to work to help children who were affected by the cyclone in Burma.

“Last week, Molly informed me that she wanted to raise money for underprivileged children by having a lemonade stand”, said Molly’s mom, Gina Mollicone-Long. On the way to school, she happened to catch a glimpse of a picture that was taken just after the cyclone hit in Burma.

This particular chilling photograph showed a child about her age standing amongst the rubble that was once her home. Molly  was visibily upset by this and announced that her upcoming lemonade stand would direct all proceeds to Burma.

On Saturday morning, she recruited her five year old brother to help run the stand. They expanded their offering to include Iced Tea as well so as to attract more buyers. Then, she set the price at $1. She justified this price by pointing out that both the iced tea and lemonade were homemade and organic, not to mention that all proceeds were going to help children affected by the cyclone in Burma.

The response was heart-warming. The stand raised over $40 in about 2 hours on a Saturday morning in the Toronto Beaches area. The customers were passersby on their way to or from the Beach. Many people gave more than the required $1 because of the fundraising effort. Immediately after the stand was closed, Molly and her mom went to the computer to make an online donation to www.avaaz.org, an organization that is sending relief for Burma to monks in the country who are able to bring the aid to the affected regions.

“Molly’s heart is huge,”  said Andrew Long, Molly’s Dad.  “She has also been saving for months to be able to get her ears pierced. She is about $3 short. Her lemonade stand could have paid for her earrings many times over yet she didn’t even consider running the stand for her own gains. Her heart was set on helping those kids.”


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