It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s the asthmatic boy wonder!

A regular six-year-old kid with asthma has become the lead superhero in a new comic book written by doctors, and for kids.

Savion Johnson was immortalized as heroic thanks to his mother, Tresha, who was inspired to create the comic book after her son was first diagnosed with the lung disease.

Having lost her own mother to asthma, the preschool teacher and book lover began thinking of ways that she could educate not just her own son, but children everywhere, on how the condition will affect their lives, and how they can best cope with it.asthma-CC- Kathryn Doran-thumbs-up

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Filled with typical adventurous illustration, each issue explores, in a child-friendly way, how asthma works, how other illnesses affect it, what happens during asthma attacks, and how kids can learn to power through it all like the heroes they are.

“I’m excited to share the comic book series with other families who are affected by asthma,” Tresha told the Good News Network. “It’s important to have this information presented to children in a way they will understand. Savion of course loves sharing with his friends that he is the star of his own comic book – he’s always sharing it with friends!”device-warns-asthma-ControlA+

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The first issue of “Medikidz Explain Asthma” was released earlier this year in May, coinciding with Asthma Awareness Month thanks to the Allergy And Asthma Network.

More than 3.5 million comic books about a variety of health related topics have been published by doctors from Medikidz, a children’s medical education organization based in London.

The third installment of the comic book series is scheduled for release in the fall, and Tresha hopes that it’ll inspire more asthmatic kids to take their disease in stride just like Savion.

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