cell-phone-lost.jpgI am enamored of all things Canadian right now because of the kindness of someone I was visiting. That kindness seems to exude from all corners of her country…

When I recently visited Calgary, Alberta, Canada, my Canadian friend, at my request, stopped her busy workday to take me to Banff. I don’t ski or snowboard, and it was a real hassle for this person to help me go, but she did so cheerfully and willingly.

We were walking down the street on the way to finding a restaurant when I stopped to take a picture or two. We went on to our restaurant (where she got ill because of the garlic in the bread, another story), when I realized that my business cell phone, my Blackberry, was not on my belt. She immediately switched from being the one needing care to caring for me.

We drove around Banff for a little bit, trying to figure out where I could have lost the thing. She then just dialed my number (which I could have done, except I was stupified about what to do) and a person answered. It turned out that I had dropped the phone and the holster outside a candy shop. The counter person answered and told us where to come.

When I got there, she would not even take a tip. I bought some chocolate anyway. The point is that the information on the phone is largely irreplaceable and having someone find the thing and turn it in – without using it – was a miracle for me.

Regarding Canada, it was cold as hell, but I loved the country, the family I was with, and everyone I met. I can say also that, had the phone been lost in San Francisco, that might have been the end of it. I had a wonderful time, especially because of that incident.


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