Sara Redlich was sorting the bins at a Goodwill store in Oregon when something stood out. A pile of love letters all written to a woman named Rose Hill. She had no idea of how about they got there, but followed her instincts to find the owner.

The pink-haired employee also didn’t know how much these would mean to Rose, a 64-year-old woman who is currently suffering with symptoms of dementia.

She strives every day to remember things, and these letters from her ex-husband sent from the Vietnam war brought back memories of value.Photo by Cohdra via Morguefile

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“I remember!” Hill exclaimed. “You smell the smells. You hear the sounds. You feel like you are back in time and place.”

“Any recollection feels like total joy.”

(WATCH the video above or READ the story from Steve Hartman *NOTE auto-playing sound, so adjust your speakers)

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