microsoft-genius-macedonia-cnn.jpgA boy studying in a dilapidated school in Macedonia is the youngest Microsoft systems engineer in the world. He holds four Microsoft certificates and has written a 312-page book on Microsoft’s Windows 7. He’s  9 years old.

Marco Calasan speaks three languages and is learning a fourth and while English is not his mother tongue, his command of the language and vocabulary is mind-boggling. In finite detail he explains the ins and outs of computers and the curriculum he’s teaching his peers and adults. He even educates his own teachers.

Best of all, Marco is the complete opposite of arrogant. He’s humble, friendly and so very patient in explaining the computer jargon that flies over most people’s head.

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  1. What an amazing story and an amazing boy!:-) Thanks for posting, Geri, and thanks for helping me out:-) Drive really safe and God bless, everyone- thanks for all your wonderful support!:-)

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