Most people have probably seen married couples shopping for furniture to decorate their new home—but people’s hearts are melting over this older man and his particularly adorable shopping companion.

Aleecia Dahl’s grandfather is “inseparable” from his best friend Coco the dog; wherever one goes, the other is usually not far away.

So when Grandpa Dahl and his wife moved into a new home, the senior doggie dad refused to buy a new recliner until it received an official stamp of approval from Coco.

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“When grandma and grandpa moved, they [needed to buy] new furniture,” Aleecia told The Dodo. “It was Grandpa’s requirement that the footrest on his lounge chair was wide enough for him and Coco to sit side by side.”

“He brought Coco into several stores to try out chairs until he found the perfect one,” she added. “Coco was always greeted with a smile, as I am sure it’s not every day a man and his dog go furniture shopping!”

Since Aleecia published photos of the dynamic duo trying out chairs in a furniture store, they have been shared thousands of times—and it’s not hard to see why… it’s pretty darn adorable.

Photo by Aleecia Dahl

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  1. Absolutely! My sister was test driving a vehicle she was considering purchasing. She kept it over the weekend and ended up returning it because her dog did not like it. The front seat was too small for him to get comfortable in. The salesman thought she was nuts when she told him why she was returning it !!!! My husband and I upgraded to a kingsize bed so our dogs could sleep more comfortably with us. My dogs are truly my very best friends!!!!

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