It’s that time of year again, when humans step in to save baby ducklings from busy highways or storm drains or ledges. A businessman in Spokane, Washington stopped what he was doing yesterday to help a dozen day-old ducklings down from a ledge near his office, and then escorted the entire brood to water with their mother duck leading the way.

Video below may take a moment to load…(or watch it here)

Also, Maxine Hillary sent this AP story from Washington, DC about firefighters who plucked four baby ducks from a storm drain Monday after the rescuers heard the mother squawking for her hatchlings in a bustling Washington neighborhood known more for nightlife than wildlife.

Firefighters at Engine Company 9 noticed a duck “screaming at a storm drain” in an alley. When they took the cover off the drain, they found four ducklings swimming about six feet down…



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