A video game that health researchers at McGill University created can help to ease people’s stress, and actually attune them to the positive in their environment helping to ease anxiety.



  1. BEING that one smiling face can be a lot of fun too! Strangers regularly smile, wave, or say hi – it makes me feel like a movie star. And when some kid who’s miles above being so easily amused sneers at my apparent simple-mindedness, I find something – hair, boots, T-shirt, jacket – to compliment – but only if they’re alone. It’s embarrassing if they’re with friends, but alone they usually like it once the get over the confusion.

  2. This is very interesting stuff, I hope that becomes a commercial product, I will be first in line to buy it.

    The research ties in with information I use in my seminars. One thing I do to help people focus on the positive, is to have them look around the room for 10 seconds looking for anything that is red. Then I have them close their eyes and tell me what they saw that was purple. No one can do it. This show them they only see what they look for and that can be the positive things in life or the negative things, they both are there, it is a mater of choice regarding where their focus goes.

    Another thing I cover in my seminars is the reason fortune tellers are so accurate in their predictions(please do not think I am reccomending fortune tellers though). Here is the secret of fortune tellers. When you go to see one, they talk to you briefly and quickly determine if you are looking at the world in a positive or negative way. Then they give you a fotune that matches you positive or negative view of the world. And they are right in their predictions because that is the way you will see the events that happen to you as you go forward with your life.

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    OK Geri thanks again for all the great material you find.

    Edward W. Smith author of Sixty Seconds To Success.

  3. Ed that reminds me of a magic trick I did when I was a child. I said “think of a colour”, and I would then ask them to “concentrate on it”. Then I would get it. A read mind reader! But in fact I had just looked at them and what they were looking at when I asked them to “guess” a colour. What they looked at last influenced their subconscious, and their random guess. They thought I had ESP.

  4. Yes Columbine that is interesting. I often smile and say hello, most people like it. Some give me a funny look though lol. It is like they are confused. I will try your tip on them. It also pays to read them first from their body language. I may make an effort to try and somehow stop and get to know those few that don’t smile back and say hello and find out why. Maybe they are just having a bad day. Or they are very strong judgers in the Myers Briggs personality system. Such people tend to stick to a plan and are not response ready. But have other advantages, like sticking to plans easily.

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