U.S. medic, Sgt. Ernesto Haibi, described the Iraq War as containing love and hate, peace and violence alike. In a radio essay, This I Believe, he said, "For all the death and destruction reported in the news, there are thousands of stories of kindness and caring that no one ever knows…I believe that by striving for a world that accepts its oneness, we can transform wars, intolerance, religious persecution and political extremism into memory and maybe even folklore." Click on Listen at NPR to hear this short but insightful essay. (RealMedia) He blogs at Candle in the Dark.


  1. That was incredibly well-said! And he’s exactly right, all you hear about in the news is death, destruction, chaos, the inevitable and impending doom. I have completely stopped watching all of these news channels and have focused my readings particularly on this website as well as other positive news sources. People need to know that these kinds of news sources exist, that they DO have an alternative. I think many people, myself included, just never sat and thought, “I wonder if there are any positive news outlets?” until I was actually driven one day to search for them. There are plenty! But yet we never really hear about these amazing and wonderful stories in the mainstream media, and I think it’s a shame. It’s likely about the money, I’m sure. Money doesn’t buy hope. This website has given me back a sense of hope for humanity, however small it may be, it is there nonetheless.

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