geri-in-ny-sm.jpgI’m so excited! Whether it’s about the new forums opening next week, or the free gifts I’m handing out on Mother’s Day, or the fact that over 800 viewers took my survey — and 70 % confirmed the best of my hopes, that the Good News Network content is so unusually good that it’s worth paying for.

Thanks to everyone who took the survey, especially my longtime readers. Now I have valuable info about your good news preferences, life goals and daily work. It can help me shape the Good News Network, giving you what you want in an inspirational news service… Most exciting for me is the realization that fully 70% of viewers value the daily content enough to pay for the service. Beginning this Sunday, I am moving forward with steps to make this a sustainable website for the long term. You will see more good news and more features that you want, but the best idea came from one of you in the survey! …


On Sunday at exactly noon (12:00 EASTERN TIME, 9:00AM PACIFIC), I will begin welcoming new Charter Members of the Good News Network. I’ve got tons of free prizes to give away like soft Affirmagy blankets to the first 7 people (see an example of the affirmation blankets on the left — don’t know which affirmation she’d got for us), free personal coaching, several free memberships for moms, ‘Good Happens’ maternity tops, and MP3 downloads of my tele-seminar, How to Be Happier (for the first 1000 Charter Members). And, lots more free bonuses to all who sign up in May.

All the details will be spelled out on Sunday but here are some highlights:

New FORUMS will bring together Charter Members to 1) Share Your Good News, 2) Share Your Favorite Inspirational Quotes, Movies, Books and Music, 3) Talk About Being Parents, 4) Talk About the Law of Attraction, 5) Participate in the Coaches Corner — to Get and Give Help, 6) Post about Health and Wellness, 7) Post Classified Ads and Special Offers (offer your stuff at a discount to members)

One of the best suggestions from the survey (maybe it was yours!) was this: “It would be really good news if you had an open subscription policy and people could pay what they want.” I LOVED IT, and decided to do exactly that. When you sign up you can “Pay what you want — pay what you can”. I’ve gone one better than that! For Charter Members, those who have been reading the site and who sign up during the month of May, you can LOCK in your price for LIFE. That means that no one can decide to raise your subscription price but you. You choose it, and you lock it in for life as a Charter Member of the Good News Network.maternity-tee-gnn.jpg

Mark your calendars to come back this Sunday, Mother’s Day for the Grand Opening of the NEW Good News Network-International. Lots of free prizes and bonuses for the first ones to come aboard (and also for moms to whom I will give away 3 free year-long memberships). A special report will be released, just in time for Mother’s Day:

With a lot of bad press about teens beating each other up, getting pregnant at 15, going to rehab, or small kids being poisoned via lead from toys in China, moms NEED some good news on Mother’s Day. Look for my 7 reasons to be RELIEVED if you are a parent in 2008 — to calm your worries with some good news stories (for a change)…”

I’m going to be sending a couple reminders before Sunday. . . because I’d love to have you sign yourself and your mom up at noon, before you go visit or make a call to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and win a few prizes to share.

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention, the homepage and weekly newsletters will remain completely FREE. If the Good News Network is your homepage, you will continue to see 4 new uplifting stories every day with a sentence summary to keep you inspired. The Top 10 Good News of the Week newsletter (sign up in the top right corner above) will still deliver to you the complete summaries of the top 10 inspiring stories and video of the week at no charge. 

MAY 6 UPDATE:  ALSO Forgot to mention, one of the key elements to the plan is to offer everyone who is new to the site a 30-day free trial so they can get a real sense of the value of daily inspirational news in their life.


  1. Exciting news! Really so glad people see the value the Good News Network brings. And a nice fair idea, subscription services and pay what you can to keep it running. Looks like GNN may be here for some time to come.

    Best wishes for the many fine years ahead !

  2. reachteresa, yes that is sad. Speaking for my personal viewpoint as a volunteer here, I think it’s because at the moment only a few of us have recognized the value of good news enough to come here regularly. However, that value is good, we can be glad to be one of the few who has seen the light and benefits from good news regularly. What we pay is up to us.

  3. The reality is (not sad for everyone) — it is all in how you look at it.

    In the past, an individual voter didn’t really matter in a political campaign either. But now with the new internet campaigns, 1.5 million people can come together giving 10 or 20 or 50 dollars each, and feel like they own a piece of that campaign. They together have paid for ads on the air that have helped introduce a little known African-Ango-American with a funny name, to the midwesterner, to the southerner, to the Virgininan. And, that candidate can end up defeating the most powerful political machine in the Democratic party, whose nominee everyone in the party thought was unbeatable.

    THAT is what your money can do. Not only can it make you feel incredibly good, and uplifted every day, and proud of your fellow man, (just like in the political campaign) but it can do good in the world. It can SUSTAIN a small-time campaign that one day could become a larger than life movement, that, when it gets to the TV screen, will be free for all, when it gets to the radio, will be free for all. But there are some things, like magazine subscriptions that are necessary to keep an operation functional, but which also give you access to GREAT content that makes your life more creative and your mind — and heart — more peaceful, happy, and fulfilled.

    Is it worth one or two bucks per MONTH? You bet it is. And, that’s how you should look at it, said Linus to Charlie Brown.

  4. i suppose we do live in a consumerist society where we pay for things and just accept that is how it is or must be or that we are better for it or that we now have made our lives more controllable. any way you rationalize to deal with the reality of it, it still boils down to consumer spending.

  5. Reachteresa, you a re right. In an ideal world all would be free.

    But we must pay for things! Small sites are done by hobby people for free. Any inbetween like this one, needs some financing. Geri needs pay for all the work she puts in, and to expand the site further.

    Any spending could be called consumer spending. Here we are spending on promoting good news. Each dollar donated goes to expanding the spread of good news to the world. And it surely needs it with all the bad news we get told all the time. The good stories need telling, together.

  6. at no time has it been stated or implied that good news does not need to be told.

    ii tell everyone about this site, friends, family, colleagues, i even had it on my myspace page so random peole would hear about it. (i no longer am on myspace) my issue was simply the way the people today will word things instead of just simply being the bottom line honest ex: “look what your money can do” the bottom line of that is “i need money to keep this going, can you help me?”

    bad news websites and tv programs use advertisers on their sites to make the money that funds them. i do notice this site has very few advertisements, which is refreshing. and although i have purchased goodnewnetwork shirts and tank tops to spread the word, i doubt that everybody is.

    personally, about that man with the funny name, although possibly a nice guy with good intentions, he is not qualified to be president and yes it is an example of what money can do, it can help people who have no business being president, run for president. let’s hope for the love and strength of the country that same money does get him elected. not so sure your analogy was the wisest choice to try to make a point.

    i love this website and will continue to tell people about it, but i just thought it a bit manipulative the way the it was stated and i guess i lost one more piece of my idealistic world and felt a need to state so. i do understand needing money, it’s what our world runs on.

    good luck to us all.

  7. He is as qualified as Abrahan Lincoln was, when he took the presidency. Lincoln was one of the greats!

    -2 years in congress
    -never held executive experience or office

    Both were lawyers and illinois state senators
    We need a Lincoln in office again!

  8. he is not a Lincoln, no one is a Lincoln, other than Lincoln. He was a great president in the time he was president, with the issues the states were facing for the time. If Lincoln were running for President today, with the issues of today, he too, would not be qualified to be president.

  9. Hi Geri,
    I am wanting to sign up for the “pay what you can” new deal for Good News but can’t find a place on the website to tender my credit card. Can you help me navigate it for the new subscription?

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