"Australia has come up with a novel weapon in the fight against high rates of male suicide and depression – a variation on the humble shed. The Men’s Shed movement is booming, providing havens for mostly older men to socialize." (BBC ) Thanks to Andrew N. for the link!


  1. Come Together
    Yet another example that when we come together, problems are minimized, shared, and laughter, meaning, and purpose grow. Alone is sad. Together is joy. The picture in this article proves to me that Santa really does still exist.

  2. Lol Gary.
    Lol Gary. That guy with the the beard really IS santa !! Well spotted mate.

    Plus you know, I just love it when I see examples like this. People can find solutions to problems, and it’s great to see them put into action and working like this. Reminds me of the recent story on how UK schools have seen great success with Harry Potter themed lessons!

    More people need to read GNN – so they can replicate the ideas they see working here in their own lines of work!

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